How do I install Knowledge Coach content?

To install the Knowledge Coach content:

  1. Log into Engagement as a user who is licensed for Knowledge Coach.
    • Do not use ADMIN.
  2. Select Tools > Knowledge Coach Titles...
  3. If the title is not already listed as installed and released, click View other Knowledge Coach titles available for download.
  4. Find the title you want, click Download, and save the title to a location of your choice. 
  5. Once the download is complete, click Add Title.
  6. Browse to the location that you saved the .KCP file and click Open.
  7. When the install completes, click Release Title.
  8. After the title is released, log out of Engagement.
  9. Log back into Engagement as a Knowledge Coach user (not ADMIN).
  10. A message that states that there is new Knowledge Coach content available.  It will ask if you want to download it now or wait. 
    • If you want to download now, click OK
      • There will be a delay while the new information passes down from the server. 
    • If you click No, the new content will not pass down to the machine. 
      • You will continue to get this message each time you log into Engagement until you select the option to download it. 
    • Please note that if you choose not to download new content and you are working with a binder that requires the new content, you may not be able to work in the binder until the new content is passed down.

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