How do I create a new portal using the standalone version of CCH Axcess™ Portal?

The following video explains how to create a new Portal using the standalone version of CCH Axcess™ Portal.

You can add new portals from the Manage Portal window.

To add a new portal, do the following:

  1. Go to and log into Portal.
  2. Select the Administration tab on the navigation panel.
  3. Select Setup >Manage portal.
  4. Select Silverlight.
  5. Select Add to display the Portal Information window.
  6. Input information about the new portal. (Firm Users see information below before doing step 6).
  7. Select Save and Close to create the portal.

The information below shows what needs to be entered when setting up a new or editing an existing portal:

  • Portal Name (Client Name): Enter a valid name for the portal.
  • Portal Administrator's Login ID (E-mail Address): Enter a valid e-mail address for the portal administrator. 
  • ProSystem fx Client ID: (optional) Enter the client’s Client ID. (This is an optional field and used for linking clients.) 
  • Folder Template: Select a folder template from the dropdown menu. 
  • Portal is active: Select to make the portal active or clear the box to make the portal inactive. 
  • Automatically expiry files after: (Optional) Select an increment of time from the menu, then enter a numerical period of time in the box. If the box is left blank there will be no expiration for the files. 
  • Enable Client Area: (Optional) Click to create a client area. (Client Area is private storage for your customers that can be purchased. Your firm will not have access to the files loaded to the Client Area.) 
    • Client Area Size (MB): Enter a valid megabyte size for the client area. 
      • Note: This option is activated only if Enable Client Area is selected. 
      • Space used by your clients in the Client Area comes out of the total space your firm has licensed for Portal.
  • Assign Access: (Access Groups or Individual Users) 
  • Access Groups tab: You can assign an Access Group that you assigned firm users to. Select the assign box in the row associated with the group, decide if you want the group’s access to expire and select the approver checkbox if needed. 
  • Individual Users tab: You can assign one or multiple individual firm users. Select the assign box in the row associated with the user, decide if you want the user’s access to expire and designate what File Management Role he/she is assigned. Also check the box for portal approver if needed.

Click here to find out how to edit an existing portal.

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