How do I add firm users to existing portals using the standalone version of CCH Axcess Portal?

The firm administrator can grant firm users the right to access portals. This can be done when creating a firm user or at a later time. 

Note: When granting access to a portal, the firm administrator can also assign firm users as Portal approvers and specify a file management role. 

  1. Log in to Portal.
  2. Click the Administration tab on the navigation panel.
  3. Do one of the following, depending on which task you're trying to accomplish:
    • Granting rights for a single user to a single portal.
      1. Select Setup > Manage firm users.
      2. Select the box for the user you want to grant portal access rights to, and then click Edit selected.
      3. Click the Portal Access and Security tab.
      4. Click Add Portal.
      5. Enter the name of the portal you want to grant access to. As you type, Portal matches what you type with existing portal names. When you see the correct portal name, select it and click Add.
      6. Click OK to add the portal to the list of portals the user has access to.
      7. If the user should be an approver for this portal, select the Approver box for the portal.
      8. If needed, enter a date when the user's access should expire in the Access Expiration box and select a file management role for the user.
      9. Click Save and then OK.
    • Granting rights to many users for a single portal.
      1. Select Setup > Manage portal.
      2. Select a portal in the grid, and then click Edit selected.
      3. Click one of the following tabs, depending on how you want to assign firm users:
        • Access Group. Click this tab to grant all the firm users in an existing access group permission to access this portal.
          • Note: If you assign an access group to a portal, you effectively are adding the portal to the access group.
        • Individual Users. Click this tab to select specific firm users that should have access to the portal.
      4. Select the box for an access group or user to grant access to the portal.
      5. Select the box in the Approver column to designate the access group or user as portal approvers.
      6. Click Save and then OK.
    • Granting rights to many users for many portals. Access groups allow you to assign a group of firm users to a group of portals. See the instructions for creating an access group for more information.
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