What are the different types of users for the electronic credentials for deferred compensation returns?

EFAST2 has five user types as described below. You can check as many as apply to you. You may associate more than one user type under your registration if you will be performing multiple functions.

  • Filing Author: Filing Authors can complete Form 5500/5500-SF and the accompanying schedules, submit the filing, and check filing status. Filing Authors cannot sign filings unless they also have the “Filing Signer” role. If you are using EFAST2-approved third party software to author your filing rather than IFILE, you do not need to check this box.
  • Filing Signer: Filing Signers can sign Form 5500/5500-SF filings. Signers must ensure that the filing information is correct prior to its submission. The signer’s signature indicates that to the best of the signer's knowledge and belief the filing is true, correct, and complete. Signers include Plan Administrators, Employers/Plan Sponsors, and Direct Filing Entities. No other filing-related work may be done by the Filing Signer if this is the only user type selected. Further, for purposes of Title I of ERISA, the plan administrator (either as the Filing Signer or, if a non-individual entity, on whose behalf an individual authorized to sign on behalf of the plan administrator has signed as a Filing Signer) remains legally responsible for the timeliness of the submission of the Form 5500/5500-SF by a Transmitter.
  • Schedule Author: Schedule Authors can complete one or more of the schedules that accompany Form 5500/5500-SF. Schedules created by a Schedule Author are not associated with a filing. For a schedule created by a Schedule Author to be used in a filing, the schedule must be exported. This exported file will then be imported by the Filing Author to the correct filing. Schedule Authors cannot initiate, sign, or submit a filing. If the Filing Author is using EFAST2-approved third party software to author your filing rather than IFILE, then you do not need to check this box.
  • Transmitter: Transmitters can transmit Form 5500/5500-SF filings to the EFAST2 system for processing on behalf of others. Transmitters are responsible for the security of all filing information prior to and during its transmission. A Transmitter can be a company, trade, business, or individual.
  • Third-Party Software Developer: Third-Party Software Developers make Form 5500 filing preparation or transmission software for use in the EFAST2 system. They submit test cases using their software to the Participant Acceptance Testing System (PATS) Team. The PATS Certification Team will then review their submissions and provide feedback or approve and certify the software. A Third-Party Software Developer can be a company, trade, business, or individual.
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