How do I file prior year delinquent and amended 5500 returns through CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax using EFAST2 in interview forms?

Using the current year software, you can electronically file multiple years of Form 5500.

  • If the plan year is older than four years, you must complete the return using the current year's software. For example, if 2017 is the current tax year, then returns prior to 2014 can be prepared using the 2017 software.
  • If the plan year is within the current or prior three years, you must complete the return using that year's software. For example, a 2014 return, you will need to use the 2014 tax prep to complete it.

The plan year beginning and ending dates should be used for the prior year dates. For example, in tax year 2017, if you are filing a calendar year 2013 amended or delinquent filing return, you would do the following in the 2017 tax program:

  1. Go to Interview Form 1 - Basic Plan Data.
    • In Box 30 - Plan year beginning if not 01/01/2017, enter the date. 
    • In Box 31Plan year ending if not 12/31/2017, enter the date.
    • In Box 35 - X if amended return/report, enter X (if the return is amended).
    • In Box 39 - Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance (DVFC)/other prior year filing code, enter D or O.
  2. Calculate the return.


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