Where should you start with ProSystem fx Standalone Portal?

To access ProSystem fx Portal go to the following URL: https://portal.cchaxcess.com.

ProSystem fx Standalone Portal is a file-share solution for firms and clients to access sensitive data in a secure environment that complies with the certain federal regulations. A Client Area is available for client file storage purposes.

System Requirements: 

  • Silverlight – Portal is built on Microsoft Silverlight and as such, a user (firm or client) may be prompted to install Silverlight from Microsoft’s site. Click here to install Silverlight from the Microsoft Web site. The installation typically takes less than a minute to complete.
  • For additional system requirements and considerations for Portal, click here.

Portal is a two part application, a firm side for staff members within a firm and a portal side for clients of the firm and their staff members. Email addresses are used for login IDs. An email can only be used once regardless of role (see exception under portal admin). 

Portal has four roles:

  • Firm admin: has administration tab with ability to manage portals, folder templates, firm users, email notifications, security groups, security group assignments, recycle bin, view storage details, and licensing details.  Email address such as Firm.Admin@domain.com is recommended. Firm admin is considered a firm user as well. 
    • Note: A firm admin cannot be deleted, and is the only role with ability to upload or change the firm logo at the top left corner of the screen. 
  • Firm user: can be created with almost identical rights as the firm admin or very limited depending on rights and access given by the creator (the firm admin or an existing firm user with rights).
  • Portal admin: has administration tab with manage portal users, security groups, security group assignments and recycle bin (Client Area only). A portal admin is considered a portal user as well. 
    • Note: The same portal admin can only be associated with 40 Portals. Also a portal admin cannot delete files. They can only request the deletion by a firm admin or a firm user with rights.
  • Portal user: can be created with identical rights as the portal admin or limited depending on rights and access given by the creator (the portal admin or a portal user with rights). 
    • Note: A portal user cannot delete files; they can only request the deletion by a firm admin or a firm user with rights.

There are two major differences in how a firm decides to use the portal admin role.

  • The first, and strongly recommended option is giving the client the portal admin. There is not a way to control what files the client uploads into portal.  Once a file exists only the firm admin or a firm user with rights can delete it. Therefore, the only feature controlled by keeping the portal admin with the firm is that the client would not be able to add portal users or modify client side security groups and assignments. Keep in mind it is generally the client's information. 
  • The second and more complicated option is keeping the portal admin with the firm. This will required more work by the firm as they will have to create portal users for the client. If a firm goes with this option keep in mind that a portal admin can be associated with only 40 portals, therefore creating generic emails such as portal@domain.com, portal1@domain.com, etc., be recommended.
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