What options are available with the CCH Axcess Document Office Plug-ins for Outlook?

The following options are available within the Office Plug-ins inside of 2007/2010 Outlook:

  • Save to Document – allows emails to be saved directly to CCH Axcess Document
    • If the sender’s email address has not been associated with a client in CCH Axcess Document, you will receive the Auto Client Detection Wizard. Please see the Using Auto Client Detection Wizard section below for more information.
  • Delete After Saving – this option will move an item saved to CCH Axcess Document to your Deleted Items folder in Outlook after the email has been saved to CCH Axcess Document.
  • Track My Steps – this is a troubleshooting function that collects detailed information about what is happening with the Office Plug-ins.
    • Unless directed to be enabled by a ProSystem fx support representative, you won’t need to have this on.

All functions can be accessed through a right-click menu in 2007 and 2010 Outlook.

Functions also can be accessed from the CCH Axcess tab on the ribbon, in 2010 Outlook.

Using Auto Client Detection

When sending an email from 2007/2010 Outlook, unless the client’s email address has already been associated with an existing client, the Auto Client Detection Wizard will appear before the email can be added to CCH Axcess Document.

  • Skip this email message – the wizard will ignore the currently selected item.
  • Allow me to manually select an entity – the email will be added to the Add File window, but you will need to indicate the entity it is to be associated with.
  • Associate this email address with an existing client – allows you to establish a link between the email sender and an existing client in CCH Axcess Document as well as to define from which email address type the current message was sent. All future emails from this same address will automatically be recognized as having come from this client and will skip this step in the process.
  • Detect a client for this message – this option will search all existing clients and attempt to determine if one matches the email address the currently selected email was sent from.
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