How do I manually restore a single or multiple workpapers to the central file room in CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager?

  • If the workpaper(s) has not been deleted from the central file room and is not a trial balance database, trial balance report, or a knowledge coach workpaper perform the following steps below:
  1. Log onto the Engagement Administrator or Workpaper Administrator module.
  2. Browse to the client and select the binder. 
  3. Right-click the binder.
  4. Select Properties.
  5. Click the Information tab.
  6. Locate and copy the Workpaper Path field.
    • Example:  x:\Pfx Engagement\Admin\Workpapers\Central File Room\{Binder GUID here}
  7. Open Notepad.exe and paste the Workpaper path here.
  8. Browse to the folder where the binder is being stored using Notepad for reference.
  1. Next log onto the local machine and login into Engagement or Workpaper Manager.
  2. Go to a user's local file room and if the binder is not currently present, synchronize the binder.
  3. Open the binder.
  4. Locate and select the workpaper(s).
  5. Right-click on an individual workpaper
  6. select Properties.
  7. Note and write down the GUID for the workpaper.
    • Example:  {7C204963-A16A-4958-AAE9-A5AEC0775878}
  8. Search for the workpaper GUID in the File Explorer window from steps 6 through 8.
  9. Once located, use this reference to go through your backups and restore the same file in this folder directory to the current binder folder.
  • If the workpaper(s) have been deleted from the central file room, or the files are: trial balance database(s), trial balance report(s), or a Knowledge Coach workpaper(s) perform the following steps below:
  1. Restore the database of the entire binder from backup.
  2. Restore the entire workpapers folder of the binder.
(If a database backup is not available then the workpapers will need to be extracted by a support representative and then re-imported into a binder on a local machine.)


Any workstations that have a copy of this binder should synchronize all except for the specific workpaper that is restored to the server in order to avoid their local copy overwriting the backup recently restored. Then delete their binder from the local machine and resync down a new copy from the server.
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