Is Windows Small Business Server a viable platform for CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager?

ProSystem fx Engagement and/or Workpaper Manager does not support Small Business Server.

There are several factors that make Small Business Server or Windows Server Essentials installations less than desirable for use with Engagement or Workpaper Manager:


  • Small Business Server and Windows Server Essentials merge various roles into one system. In this environment, the server hosts Exchange for email, acts as the primary domain controller, and serves as file storage, among other roles.
  • Engagement and Workpaper Manager are resource intensive programs which requires Microsoft SQL. SQL is also resource and memory intensive.
    • In this environment, the server may become overburdened and slow with Engagement or Workpaper Manager installed.
  • As the server also acts as the Exchange server, the network stack on the server is also taxed.
  • Engagement and Workpaper Manager use network connections during the synch process and when users are logging into the program. The combination of these two factors may lead to poor performance in Exchange or slow synchronization in Engagement or Workpaper Manager.

Further, as the server functions as the primary domain controller having the Administrator module installed is not recommended. The following is from the Deployment guide:


  • "Due to issues with Admin Synch failures and transferring Transition Binder Packages between Office Servers, we strongly recommend against installing the Administrator module on a Domain Controller. Additionally, installing the  Administrator module on a Domain Controller puts the server into the role of being a database and file server. If the Domain Controller goes down, the Admin module and CFR’s will not be available. Our recommendation is to use a separate server for the Admin Module."

Note: Microsoft does not recommend installing SQL on a Domain Controller. For additional information, see Microsoft's article on Installing SQL Server on a Domain Controller.

Our recommendation is to use a Windows server that meets the resource recommendations provided in System Requirements for the version of Engagement or Workpaper Manager.

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