How do I create an XML export file in CCH® ProSystem fx® Trial Balance?

  • Select the Work menu > Create XML export file.
    • This will bring up a dialog box that tells you where the file was saved.
    • When importing into CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, you will want to browse to that location to locate the import file.  
    • The XML file contains the following data: Company Name, Client Number, Address, City, State, ZIP, Industry, Tax Return Type as well as Federal Tax Id, Tax Year, Accounts, Leads, Subleads, Classifications, Taxlines, and Groups.

Note 1:  XML export files cannot be created for:

  • Consolidated or Combined Companies
  • Template Companies
  • Multi-user Companies
  • Checked out Companies

Note 2:  CCH ProSystem fx Trial Balance does not create an XML file if there are invalid characters present. XML only recognizes printable ASCII characters; all others are considered invalid. You can view the Printable ASCII Character Set by going up to Help > Contents > Creating Export Files > at the bottom of Creating an XML Export File, click the Printable ASCII Character Set link.

Note 3: The Year Label column in the Years tab should contain four-digit numbers (i.e. 2009, 2010, 2011, etc.). See this article why are the Journal Entries in my CCH ProSystem fx Trial Balance database not converting to CCH ProSystem fx Engagement, for more information.


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