What are the available functions when a database is open in edit and review modes for a Company in Trial Balance?

Edit Mode:  When a database is in Edit mode, you can add any of the following items. These items can later be merged with the Master using the Changes Pending Action procedure.

Add new Journal entries (AJEs, RJEs, PAJEs, EJEs, and TJEs)
  • Add and manipulate new Groups
  • Add and manipulate new Data Elements
  • Add and manipulate new Ratios
  • Add and modify Lead Comments
  • Add and modify Sublead Comments
  • Add and modify WP References
    Note: Journal entries, Groups, Data Elements, and Ratios objects that already exist in the Master are not editable; however, the Lead comments, Sublead comments, and WP references are editable.

    Edit and Review Modes:  When a database is in either Edit or Review mode, you can also perform any of the following review and output functions. However, keep in mind that no changes are merged back with the Master.

    1. View all company information and setup details
    2. View and print all grids
    3. Copy data and links, and update links to other software packages
    4. View, print, and embed all Workpapers and Reports
    5. View and print existing financial statements
    6. Create Tax Interface files
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