How do I batch print organizers to CCH Axcess Portal from CCH ProSystem fx Tax?

  1. Open Production Processing.
  2. Create the Organizers that you want to print.
  3. After they have been created, select Process Client Organizers.
  4. Select Print Organizers > OK.
  5. Select the appropriate Product Type, Office Group and/or Preparer and then click OK.
  6. The Print Client Organizer window appears.
    1. Add the Organizers that you want to print to Portal to the "Organizers selected for print" window.
      • Select the client/s in the top "Returns" window and click Add.
      • Select all of the Organizers to print by clicking Add All.
    2. When finished selecting the Organizers that you want to print, click OK.
  7. The Print Organizer Options window appears.
    1. Select the Sort by option.
    2. Select To PDF File.
    3. Select the Name PDF files using.
    4. Check Print to Portal.
    5. Click OK.
  8. Enter your Portal login credentials and click OK.
  9. The Print Organizer window appears. When complete, the Publish File to Portal window appears.
    1. If client is not linked to a portal, the Publish File to Portal window appears. 
      • Use this window to assign the Organizers to the appropriate portals.
        • Check an Organizer, select a portal, click Apply to selected. Repeat until all Organizers are assigned to a portal.
    2. After assigning all Organizers to portals, click Publish selected files.
    3. When complete, click Close.
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