How do I Check-in or Check-out a company in Trial Balance?

  1. In CCH ProSystem fx Trial Balance, select File > Check-out Company…
  2. On the Check-out Selection dialog, select the company file to check out and select Check-out.
  3. On the following dialog, you will be given the option to select:
  4. Once the appropriate selections are made, save the check-out copy by:
    • If Compressed – selecting File…, then naming and choosing a directory to save the file.
    • Note: If using the Compressed file mode option:
      • Do not save the .zip file immediately to an external USB device. When selecting a location to save the compressed check-out file, it is recommended to save the file first to the machine from where the file is created, and then manually save to the external USB device.
      • The .zip file created from this process will need to be restored on the other machine as if it were a normal back-up, and then that restored data will need to be backed up from that other machine in order to check the company back in. For instructions on how to create and restore a back-up, see how do I create a backup of my CCH ProSystem fx Trial Balance company.
    • If not Compressed – selecting Directory…, then choosing a directory to save the checked out company data.
  5.  After all the selections have been made a dialog box will come up with: "The checked-out database was successfully created."
  6. When the checked out company is ready to be checked back in, first, open the company file that was left behind and select File > Check-in Company… 
  7. On the Check-in Company dialog, you can select a different directory for the checked out company if different from the location it was originally checked out to. 
    • Note: Do not check a file in directly from an external USB device. You should first copy the file from the USB device to a network location or the local machine’s local disk. C:\ would be a common example of a local disk.
  8. If any changes were made in the Restricted copy, you will be given the chance to review and approve or delete any of these changes. 
    • Note: If the pending change approval process is canceled for any reason, the company data will still be checked in. Pending changes can always be reviewed by selecting File > Changes Pending Action…
  9. After browsing to the company to check in and selecting OK, there will be a dialog box that says:  "Check-in has completed successfully. Checked out Audit files deleted..."

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