Where can I manage e-mails sent for CCH Axcess Document with CCH Axcess Portal?

  1. Open Dashboard.
  2. Select Configuration from the navigation panel.
  3. Select Settings and defaults under Portal.
  4. Select Email Notifications from the navigation panel under Portal.
  5. In the Portal event notification section, place a checkmark in the box next to the events for which you would like emails sent.
  6. Use the Select an event to edit dropdown box to choose an event to view or edit. For each event, you can edit the subject, body and priority of the email that is sent; who the e-mail should be from; and who should receive the email.
  7. In the Email Configuration box, select the person(s) you would like the email to be shown as originating from. Also select the person(s) who should receive the email notification.
  8. In the Email Content box, edit the subject, priority and body of the email.
  9. Once you have finished reviewing or making changes to an event either change to a different event and click Yes to save, or click OK at the bottom to save your changes and exit the window.


  • The Email Configuration and Email Content boxes are different based on the event you select.
  • The body and subject line of these emails are not customer specific. We suggest that you not update an email to be customer specific.
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