Program hangs when previewing, e-mailing, or saving to a file in CCH® Prosystem fx® Practice Management.

This issue is typically caused by a conflict with another PDF printer. To resolve the conflict, do the following:
  1. Remove the Practice Printer device from the list of available printers.
    • Note: Practice Printer may be listed in the sub menu of another PDF printer.
  2. Reboot the workstation.
  3. Rerun workstation setup located at \\[server\share]\cpas\setup\vpm\setup.exe (Where [server\share] is the name of your application server and the share containing the cpas directory).
    • Note: If running version 2015.15.02 or higher on a Windows 10 operating system, stop here. For any other versions or operating systems, continue to step 4.
  4. Locate the newly installed Practice Printer, right-click it and select Printer Properties.
  5. Go to the Ports tab and click Add Port.
  6. Select Local Port.
  7. Select New Port and add PracticePrinter in the name field.
  8. Click OK then Close.
  9. Click the Advanced tab, and change Print directly to the printer to Spool Print Documents..., then clear the Enable advanced printing features box and change back to Print directly to the printer.
  10. Click OK.

Note: This issue has been resolved in CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management version 2015.15.02 (August 2015). Verify your current version by going to the Help menu and selecting About CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management.

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