How do I electronically file batch extensions for returns in CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

​The video below shows how to electronically file batch extensions using Production Processing in CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax.

  1. Open Production Processing.
  2. Click Extensions, Estimates & Electronic Filing.
  3. In the e-file section, select Extensions.
  4. Select the appropriate Federal or State check boxes.
  5. Click OK.
  6. On the e-file Federal & State(s) Extensions window, select the criteria for the batch of extensions you want to do and click OK.
  7. On the Select Returns window, select the returns you wish to include in the batch process and click Add.
  8. With all the desired clients selected, click OK.
  9. Use the drop-downs to select the return and click OK.
  10. Locate and add the desired returns and click OK.
  11. On the Upload Federal & State(s) Extension window, choose the appropriate option and click OK.
  12. On the Client Profile Updates window, select the appropriate option and click OK.
  13. On the Print Options window, select the appropriate option and click OK.
  14. Then go to the ELF Status System to release the extension (if needed).


  • Extension forms filed in batch only include the name and address information. Batch extensions merely produce the extension with the taxpayer name and SSN’s or EIN. There is no numerical data included.
  • Batch extensions are an additional purchase. If the option is not available for the current year, and it has been purchased, then it probably has not been installed.  
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