What is a CCH ProSystem fx Engagement Differential Backup?

With the release of version 6.11, CCH ProSystem fx Engagement introduced differential backups. The resulting .BAK files are smaller in size than the traditional full backups. Differential backups back up only the data that has changed since the last full backup of the database has been run, and must be used in conjunction with that full backup in order to recover data through the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement Database Backup/Restore utility. Below is an example of how to use Differential backups with full backups as scheduled tasks:

  • Weekly full backups of the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement Databases run on Sunday night as a scheduled task.
  • Daily differential backups run Monday through Saturday night
  • In the event that there is a failure, or a binder must be recovered from backup, the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement Backup/Restore utility would be run, and both backups (Sunday's full backup, and the most recent differential backup) would be needed to recover data.

Third party SQL Backup:  It is not recommended to use 3rd party SQL backups in addition to differential backups as this will result in a break to the backup chain.  If you do run a 3rd party full backup, you will be required to start a new backup chain by first creating a full backup using the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement Backup/Restore utility before the next differential backup.

For more information, see how do I setup a scheduled task to run the ProSystem fx Engagement Database Backup & Restore Utility.

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