Which cities and states do not require a signature form when efiling an Individual Tax Return?

The following cities and states have automatic acceptance into the state program if accepted by the IRS and do not require a separate signature form:

  State Code              State                                                                                  
    CT       Connecticut   
    FL       Florida   
    KS       Kansas   
    ME       Maine   
    MN       Minnesota   
    MT       Montana   
    NH       New Hampshire   
    NC       North Carolina   
    OH       Ohio   
    TN       Tennessee   
    TX       Texas   
    KC       Kansas City   
    KYC       Kentucky Cities   
    MIC       Michigan Cities   
    MBT                      Michigan Business Tax                                              
    Mul/Trimet (OR)     Multnomah/Portland, Tri-County, Lane Transit District  
    OHC       Ohio Cities   
    PAC       Pennsylvania Cities   
    PHI       Philadelphia   
    PGH       Pittsburgh   
    STL (MO)       St. Louis    


For more information, see our article on cities and states that require separate signature forms.

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