What resources are available to help clients use ProSystem fx Portal?

You can download a Portal user guide that can be customized for your firm.

The guide (https://support.cch.com/updates/portal/pdf/guides_tab/Simplified%20Portal%20Client%20User%20Guide%20(2013-1.0).docx)  instructs your clients on how to setup the Simplified User Interface version of Portal. We recommend using this for clients who might be hesitant to adopt the use of portals.

You will need to update the cover page on either guide with YOUR firm's information, and ideally, convert to PDF before sending it to your clients.


Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, you will have to change the extension of the downloaded file from .zip to .docx.



A short video (https://www.brainshark.com/cch/vu?pi=zGlzZxBJNz1T6tz0&intk=403423815) includes on-screen detail and narration addressing the basic use of Portal. This can be sent to your clients as needed and pasted into the welcome email notifications to ensure clients have assistance when learning to use the Portal.


Also, a one-pager flyer "The Benefits of Portals" (http://www.cchgroup.com/opencms/opencms/web/TAA/PDFs/all/portal-flyer.pdf) can be printed or emailed to your clients to help them understand why your firm is using Portal.

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