How does a domain transfer work to CCH ProSystem fx Site Builder?

Transferring a domain name to us (or another provider) can take a few days and requires a number of important steps to be completed. If the steps are not completed in the correct order, then the transfer will fail. This process is slightly cumbersome, but it is designed to ensure that domain names are not incorrectly transferred away from the real owner. So please follow it carefully.


To ensure that the operation has the best possible chances of success, please check the following before starting your transfer.

  • Domain not yet expired, nor near the expiration date (at least one month).
  • Domain was created more than 60 days ago, or renewed more than 45 days ago.
  • Contacts are updated at the current registrar's Whois; their email addresses are accurate –

    Warning: Do not use an email that uses your domain. (, use a secondary email!

  • Contacts and owner are aware of this transfer.
  • Domain is not locked for transfers (domain secured by the registrar, pending dispute, domain expired, etc).

The domain transfer will be initiated on the date and time of your choice. At this time, you may start seeing your email slow down and/or stop completely within 30mins to 2 hours of the initiation.

It can take up to 5 Days for a transfer to complete, during this time you will need to keep an eye on your email – you may receive a notification to accept the domain transfer (some require you to only reply to the email if you wish to cancel the transfer). If you do not accept any emails sent to you, the transfer will wait 5 days then fail automatically.

 Note: ICANN regulations prohibit transferring domain names registered or previously transferred in the last 60 days. For more information, click here to visit for policies on transferring domains

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