How do I create a user in Assuresign?

The following video shows how to create a user in AssureSign.

To create a user in AssureSign, you must first login to your AssureSign account as the administrator.
  • For steps on setting up the CCH eSign and AssureSign administrator account - (Click Here)

Login to your AssureSign account at


  1. Open the Administration tab.
  2. Select Users on the navigation bar.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter the Name, Email, and Role (these are required fields), for this user.


Selecting Roles (the permissions can be customized in a role or new roles can be added):

  • Administrator - Allows complete access to all eSign functions and documents.
  • Power User - Allows access to all eSigned documents but does not allow access to administration functions.
  • Limited Users - Limits the access to documents created by user.


  • You cannot use an e-mail that has been used for another user.
  • Your CCH eSign license does not limit the number of users you can create.
  • For sending Form 8879, set up users with the tax preparer e-mail addresses used in your returns.
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