How do I authenticate signers for 8879 e-Signatures using Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) in AssureSign?

Per the updates made by the IRS on March 11th, 2014 and November 6th, 2014 regarding Electronic Signatures (Click Here), Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) is required for electronic signatures on Form 8879.

Sending From 8879 requesting Knowledge Based Authentication:

  • When the return is exported for electronic filing and the option to electronically sign the Form 8879 is selected, KBA is automatically enabled and no further action is necessary on the part of the sender to activate it.

Signing Form 8879 using KBA identity verification:

  1. Once the return (Form 8879) is sent to CCH eSign from tax, the taxpayer will receive an e-mail with a link to start the eSign process. In the case of a married filing joint return, the spouse will receive a separate e-mail at the same time.
  2. From within the e-mail(s), the taxpayer(s) will click the 'Begin Signing' link to launch the website. The signer will be asked to perform a KBA to verify their identity.
    • For married filing joint returns, each signer will need to perform a KBA separately.
  3. During the KBA process, the signer will need to provide correct responses to the KBA questions presented.
    • Note: Signers can opt to skip one (1) of the questions during the authentication process. All remaining questions must be answered correctly in order to pass validation.
  4. Once the signer has successfully answered the KBA questions, a PIN/password is provided so that they can continue the signing process at a later time.
  • If the signer fails validation, the return (Form 8879) can be re-exported to eSign to start the KBA process over. The taxpayer(s) will receive new e-mails and a new set of questions for the KBA process.
    • Note: The IRS only allows three (3) attempts to pass the KBA. If all three attempts are failed, the return can still be e-filed; however, the Form 8879 must be physically signed by the taxpayer(s).
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