How do I configure CCH eSign for CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

The below video is an overview on how to configure CCH eSign to work the CCH ProSystem fx Tax.

In order to use CCH eSign, you need to first set up your eSign account.

Once you have set up your eSign account you can enable eSign for office groups. This step is optional.

Set up your eSign account (Required):


  1. Obtain your eSign license by contacting your Account Representative at 1-800-739-9998, Option 1, Option 1.
    • Note: The CCH eSign license is free.
  2. Update your permission key. Permission keys can be downloaded from
  3. On installing the new permission key you will be able to access CCH eSign setup information in Office Manager.
  4. Within Office Manager, select Configure Applications.
    • Select eSign and press Configure...
      • Enter the name and e-mail information of the administrator of the eSign account
      • Press Setup
    • Press Close

Enable eSign in the office group (optional):



  1. Within Office Manager, Select Configure Applications.
  2. Select Tax Preparation and press Configure...
    • If you have multiple office groups, select the appropriate office group and click OK.
  3. Select Electronic Filing Options and press Setup...
  4. Select the Individual tab at the top.
  5. The following options are recommended to be checked:
    • Check Electronically sign authorization form(s)
    • Check Enable eSign if state returns do not qualify




  • Setup status is set to "complete” after the eSign account has been successfully set up.
  • The administrator you setup will receive an e-mail with credentials to your eSign account.

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