How do I send an 8879 for eSign through tax using worksheet view?

The process outlined in the article can be done only after the initial setup of CCH eSign is completed.

For information on setting up CCH eSign; select one of the following links:


To enable eSign from within the return:

  1. Go to General Electronic Filing.
    • Select Section 1 - General.
      • In line 32 - Electronically sign 8879 (Y/N), use the lookup feature (double-click or click F4) to select 'Yes'.
      • In line 16 - Enable eSign if state returns do not qualify (Y/N), use the lookup feature (double-click or click F4) to select 'Yes'.
        • Note: This option allows the federal return to be sent to eSign when the state return(s) do not support this functionality.
  2. Calculate the return.


Once electronic filing and eSign are enabled, clear any disqualifying or eSign diagnostics that might be producing.

  • Note: eSign Diagnostics show as Caution diagnostics (the five digit code for Caution diagnostics always begin with a 2).

The most common diagnostic is for providing an e-mail address for the Taxpayer (and Spouse in the case of a married filing joint return. Note: You cannot use the same e-mail address for both taxpayers).


Taxpayer and spouse e-mail addresses can be entered:

  1. Go to General Basic Data.
    • Select Section 1 - General.
      • In line 26 - Email, enter the taxpayer and spouse e-mail addresses in the appropriate columns.
  2. Calculate the return.


To export the 8879 to CCH eSign:

  1. Go to File > Export > Electronic Filing > Return.
  2. On the 'Select Return for Export' window, check the box Send for eSign and click Export.
  3. On the 'Send 8879 for eSign' window, verify the information to accurate and click Start.
  4. On the 'Upload Returns' window, select Upload and hold and click Start.
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