How do I do a full restore of the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement Office Server databases?

These instructions are for a full restore of your CCH ProSystem fx Engagement Office Server databases to the SAME server. If you are restoring to a new server, please follow the instructions in the link below as there are additional steps that need to be taken.

How do I migrate the Engagement Administrator to a new server? 

If you need to restore just one or more binders from backup, please use the instructions in the link below.

How do I restore a single binder from backup?

To perform a full restore of your Engagement office server databases, do the following:

1.  On your Engagement server launch the Database Backup & Restore Wizard by doing one of the following:

  • Select Start > All Programs > ProSystem fx Engagement > Utilities > ProSystem fx Engagement Database Backup & Restore Utility.
  • In Windows Explorer, browse to the "x:\Pfx Engagement\Admin\Utilities\Backup Restore folder," and double-click BackupRestoreUtil.exe.

2.  Click Next on the Welcome page.

3.  After you read and understand the information regarding restore, check the box and click Next.

4.  Select Restore. Browse for the backup file [.bak] to be restored. The Office Server databases within the selected backup file will display in the list.

Note: If the backup file selected is a differential backup, then you will also have to select the full backup file that was the base for the selected differential backup. A second text field and Browse button will be displayed allowing you to browse for the full backup file [.bak].

5.  Click Next.

6.  Review the restore settings, and click Restore.

Note: A progress indicator page displays the progress of the restore. Once complete, the Database Backup & Restore Wizard Complete page will display the number of databases that were successfully restored and the number that failed to be restored.

7.  Click View Log to view a log detailing the restore information for each database.

8.  Click Finish to exit the wizard.

Additional Files to Be Restored:

This utility will restore the office server bin databases and the CentralAdmin database contained within the selected backup file. It will not restore the central file room workpapers or other files that were backed up separately. Those files must be restored separately. To ensure a complete restore, the files in the following folders will need to be restored separately using your current restore methods. The files stored in these folders are not included in the backup that is generated by the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement Database Backup & Restore Utility.

  • Workpapers folder
  • Admin Packages folder
  • Archive folder
  • Transition Binder Packages folder

Note: If the CFR Workpapers path has changed, you can use the CFR Workpaper utility to change the workpaper path for your CFR(s). This utility can be obtained ether from Support or from the Engagement DVD Image Utilities folder.

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