How do I install CCH® ProSystem fx® Fixed Assets?

Process Overview

The process to install CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets using Software Delivery Manager consists of two steps.
  1. Downloading the installation image from Software Delivery Manager.
  2. Running the installation process.
Below are detailed instructions for each of the above steps.

Downloading the installation image from Software Delivery Manager

  1. Install Software Delivery Manager if you have not already done so. 
  2. Download the file to install CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets using Software Delivery Manager.

Running the installation process

The video below shows how to install CCH® ProSystem fx® Fixed Assets.

  1. Click View downloaded file in Windows next to CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets.
    • Windows Explorer will open showing the downloaded installation file.
    • The filename will vary depending on the product and version.
  2. Double-click on the .EXE file.
  3. The ProSystem fx Fixed Assets InstallShield Wizard will open.
  4. Select the appropriate permission key option.
    • If this is the first time that you are installing the software for the newest year, select Internet download.
      1. Enter your account number and click Next.
      2. Enter your ProSystem fx Office SSO User ID and Password and click Login.
        • These are the same credentials that you used when logging into Software Delivery Manager.
    • If you are updating a previously installed year to the latest version, select Use Previously installed permission key and click Next.
  5. Click Next when the ProSystem fx Fixed Assets Install Wizard appears.
  6. Select the type of installation and click Next.
    • Network Install. This option is for a firm that will have multiple users running the program at the same time from different workstations. The installation will install the application files for the program to a network drive (server). Users will work from their workstations that are connected to the server via the network.
    • Standalone Install. This option is for single-machine installations where the user on this machine is the only user that will be using the program. The installation will install the application files for the program to the user's local machine.  
  7. Choose the destination drive/folder that Fixed Assets will install to and click Next
    • The destination folder to where the program will be installed defaults to C:\FixedAst. 
    • If you are installing a network install or need to install to a different location, click Browse to choose a different location then click OK.
  8. Choose the destination drive/folder that your Fixed Assets client data will be stored and click Next.
    • By default, the destination drive/folder is the same as where you selected to install the program.
    • We recommend that you keep the default selection.
  9. The "Select Program Folder" will appear, click Next.
    • The default program folder is named "ProSystem fx Fixed Assets."
    • We recommend that you keep the default selection.
  10. Click Install to run the installation.
  11. When the installation is complete, select Yes, I want to restart my computer now and click Finish.
Note: If you installed a network install of ProSystem fx Fixed Assets, you will need to run Workstation Setup at the workstations that will access the program. Click to find out how to run Workstation Setup for CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets.Frequently Asked Questions:

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