How do I convert Microsoft® Excel® and Word workpapers to the latest file format during roll forward in CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager?

The following video explains how to convert Microsoft® Excel® and Word workpapers into the latest file format in CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager during roll forward. This videos demonstrates in Engagement, but the steps are the same for Workpaper Manager.

Engagement and Workpaper Manager v7.1 introduced an option to convert Microsoft® Office .xls / .doc workpapers to .xlsx/.docx and is available when creating a new binder from roll forward or from copying and pasting a binder. In roll forward, the option is provided in the Verify Workpaper Roll Forward Settings screen of the wizard.

If Microsoft® Excel® or Word workpapers exist in the 2003 or earlier .xls or .doc format, select Convert Microsoft Office .xls / .doc workpapers to the .xlsx / .docx format to take advantage of the 2007 or later Microsoft® Office file format functionality. If any eligible .xls or .doc workpapers should be excluded from the conversion, click the Exclude Selected Workpapers button to display a dialog for selecting the workpapers to exclude. See the Notes below for a list of the ineligible workpapers.


  • The following .xls and .doc workpapers are not eligible for conversion: non-fund trial balances; trial balance and journal entry reports; PPC; Miller; and M&P.
  • Workpapers with macros and workpapers protected with the Microsoft® document-level password protection will not convert.
  • If any workpapers are unable to be converted, they will be copied to the new binder in their original .xls or .doc format. You can use the Microsoft® Save As command to attempt to manually convert the workpaper to the .xlsx or .docx format if desired.
    • Please review Knowledge Base article sw29881 for more information.
  • On rare occasions, a Microsoft® Excel® or Word message box may open behind the Binder and File Room windows when converting certain workpapers. If it seems the conversion is taking a very long period of time, open the Microsoft® Windows® Task Manager dialog to determine if there might be a message box open in the background. If so, respond to the message and the conversion will continue to process as expected.
  • After the conversion is complete a log will display indicating the status of the conversion. Review the workpapers after conversion to be sure there are no formatting or style issues, and be sure links between workpapers (OLE links) behave as expected.
    The log can be found in the ?:\Pfx Engagement\WM\Workpapers\[user GUID]\[binder GUID] folder, where ? is the drive that Engagement or Workpaper Manager is installed to.

The process of converting workpapers during binder roll forward is as follows:

  1. Close the binder.
  2. Right-click on a binder in the Local File Room, and select Roll Forward Binder.
    • You do not need to be the current editor of the binder.
    • Finalized binders an be copied. The copied binder will not be finalized.
  3. The Roll Forward Binder Wizard dialog will open. Click Next.
  4. Make appropriate changes on the Verify General Properties dialog.  Click Next.
  5. Make appropriate changes on the Verify Period Properties dialog. Click Next.
  6. Make appropriate changes on the Verify Binder Staff Assignment dialog. Click Next.
  7. Make appropriate changes on the Verify Workpaper Roll Forward Settings dialog.
  8. Toward the bottom of the Verify Workpaper Roll Forward Settings dialog, select the box to Convert Microsoft Office .xls and .doc workpapers to the .xlsx or .docx format.
  9. Click the Exclude Specific Workpapers button to see a selection of workpapers that you would like to be excluded from conversion. Click Next.
  10. If there is a Trial Balance in the binder, make appropriate changes on the Verify Journal Entry Roll Forward Settings dialog. Click Finish.
  11. Click Roll Forward to begin the being the roll forward process.
  12. You will be prompted that Converting workpapers to the Microsoft® Office .xlsx and .docx format may take several minutes. Click Yes to being the conversion.
  13. When the conversion process has completed a log file will list workpapers that have been converted. A new binder will be created in the client folder.
    • The new binder only exists in the Local File Room.
  14. Synchronize the binder to create a copy in the Central File Room.
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