How do I install CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax from a CD or DVD?

The 2013.04000 DVD was the last DVD sent out to customers. 

See our online presentation for steps to run an installation from DVD

We recommend that before any ProSystem fx Tax installation is performed, you disable your anti-virus software to avoid potential installation issues.

Installation instructions for installing a physical DVD for CCH ProSystem fx Tax:

  1. Prior to starting the installation, run a Workstation Setup.
    • Run "Setup Icons" (option 1). 
    • Run a "Setup Icons" Workstation Setup if:
      • Running Workstation Setup for the first time.
      • Using Workstation Setup to "Install the program files locally" (option 2).
    • See our article for more information on how to run a Workstation Setup.
  2. Insert the DVD into the drive.
  3. If you are using CDs, insert disk 1.
    • CDs were available for tax years 2008 and prior.
  4. The DVD will run automatically.
    • If not, press WINDOWS + R to open a run line.
    • Type ?:\setup.exe.
      • (where ? = your DVD drive).
    • Click OK.
  5. Click the Permission Key option.
    • If this is the first time installing the software for the newest year, or if adding new licensing: 
      • Click Internet download and click OK.
      • Enter your Single Sign On (SSO) user ID and password.
      • These are the same credentials that you used when logging into Software Delivery Manager.
    • If updating a previously installed year to the latest version, click Use previously installed permission key and click OK.
  6. If prompted, click Add Products and click OK.
  7. Select the tax products to update or install and click OK.
  8. Verify the Tax Products for install have a checkmark next to them and click OK.
    • When installing years 2012 and prior, there is an option to install specific states.
    • To select states, click the + sign next to the listed tax products.
    • Place a check next to each state to install.
  9. The install may ask to assign the products to a destination drive.
    • If installing CCH ProSystem fx Tax to a network drive, choose the appropriate network drive letter.
    • Click Assign to Drive and click OK.
    • If the install does not ask to assign the products to a destination drive, a prior installation assigned them to a drive.
  10. The installation will select "CCH ProSystem fx Tax" as the program group, click OK.
  11. Click the option to Install Now and click OK.
  12. The installation process will begin.
  13. Reboot your computer if prompted by the installation.
  14. If this is a network install of CCH ProSystem fx Tax, update your workstations (if needed) by running Workstation Setup on them.
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