What is My1040Data in CCH ProSystem fx?

The following video explains the benefits of My1040Data.

  • My1040Data is a completely new web-based tax organizer that makes it easier for clients to provide their personal information and all tax return-related documentation to tax preparers.
  • Clients may see last year's Pro Forma information and enter this year's data, including amounts, notes, and attachments.
  • Tax preparers may use the toolkit to monitor, track, and view the contents of each client's My1040Data organizer.  


My1040Data is your online alternative to the traditional paper Organizer. The client-facing application has a user interface based on designs tested by clients. It provides your clients greater flexibility:

  • It can be used on most desktop computers, laptops, and tablets.
  • Standard questions have been grouped into more logical groups.
  • Users can attach electronic copies of forms, scanned images, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Other information can be entered directly in My1040Data.

To access the My1040Data Toolkit, select it from the ProSystem fx Tax program group. 


  • No action is required to use this new feature; there is no license fee or transactional charge for the first year.
  • For more information and detailed instructions, enter the toolkit and go to the Help link at the bottom of any page. The Help button is located at the bottom right hand corner of any screen.
  • Click to see additional references on the My1040Data Toolkit.
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