How can I test my download speed for use with the CCH Software Delivery Manager?

The speed of downloading installation files from CCH Software Delivery Manager is dependent on the download speed of the Internet Service Provider bandwidth.

  • Test your download speed to Microsoft Azure servers using the link AzureSpeedTest.exe.
  • The link will download an .EXE file required to run the speed test. 
  • The speed test will download a 100 MB test file from the Microsoft Azure servers which will complete the following:
      • Measure the speed the file downloads
      • Delete the test file that it downloads
      • Create a text file with the results

To utilize the speed test, complete the following:

  1. Right-click on the AzureSpeedTest.exe link above.
  2. Save the file to a location of your choice.
  3. Run the .EXE file.
  4. The folder "Azure Speed Test Logs" will be created in the location of the "AzureSpeedTest.exe."
  5. Open "Azure Speed Test Logs" and open the AzureSpeedTest text file within. 
  6. The text file will show the average speed (bandwidth) that was measured.


  • The log may show a lower bandwidth measurement than in other Internet speedtests. 
  • Many Internet speedtest sites show the maximum bandwidth for a split second in time. 
    • They do not show the average bandwidth when downloading large files.  
  • There may also be Internet speed issues that exist between the workstation and the Microsoft Azure servers.
    • Issues that do not exist between the workstation and the speedtest site used. 
    • Issues are typically resolved quickly by the communication providers.

The following table will give you approximate times on how long it will take to download files of 500MB, 750MB, 1GB, 1.25GB, and 1.5GB with various download speeds. 

  • This will give an idea of how to configure current download speeds to desired content. 
  • The actual download times may vary from the times shown below.
    • This is due to network latency or how busy the network is at the time of download.


File Size

Download Speed500MB750MB1.0GB1.25GB1.5GB
512 Kbps02:42:4504:04:0805:25:3106:46:5408:08:16
1.5 Mbps00:53:5801:20:5701:47:5602:14:5502:41:55
10 Mbps00:08:2000:12:3000:16:4000:20:5000:25:00
25 Mbps00:03:1500:04:5200:06:3000:08:0800:09:45
45 Mbps00:01:5100:02:4600:03:4200:04:3700:05:33
100 Mbps00:00:5000:01:1500:01:4000:02:0500:02:30



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