How do I add or remove the Form 114 (FBAR) state column in the Electronic Filing Status System?

Electronic Filing Status System - Update

With the update to the Electronic Filing Status System, we added new columns to display information for the FBAR (Form 114) filings and removed these filings from showing in the State columns. Due to this change, there is a slight chance you may encounter a State column display issue. 

These are one-time steps you can take to fix the display:

  1. Open the Electronic Filing Status System.
  2. Click View in the upper right corner.
    • This opens the View Preferences Page.
  3. Select from the two available options:
    • Option 1: Performing this option removes any previous optional columns you selected for view, as it restores the view back to a default selection of columns.
      • Click Restore Default View, on the e-filing Status tab.
      • Click Restore Default View, on the Release Return(s) tab.
      • Click Save Changes.
    • Option 2:
      • If the "State/FBAR*" column appears in the list of "Selected Columns", select it and remove it with the < button.
      • If the "State/Other*" column appears in the list of "Available Columns", select it and add it with the > button.

New available columns:

  • If you want to see any of the new FBAR columns (FBAR; FBAR Date; FBAR Status), you can select one at a time and add it with the > button.
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