How do I download and install the latest Tax Grouping Update Wizard (TGUW) for CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager?

NOTE: Please review the following article for deploying 2020 Tax Groupings:

  • Clarification on deploying the 2020 Tax Grouping Update for CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement & Workpaper Manager.
  • Engagement or Workpaper Manager v2018 will have available the 2020 Tax Grouping Update.  However, v2018 or older will not be receiving the upcoming 2021 Tax Grouping Update which will release in the future.  Please review the article below:
  • For Engagement or Workpaper Manager v2019.3.1, v2020.2.1, or all later versions, the latest Tax Grouping update is included with the full install of the latest release available in the CCH Software Delivery Manager. 
    • Examples:
      • Engagement v2020.2.1  (Includes 2020 Tax Grouping Update)
        • Deploys 2020 Tax Grouping Update. Supports upgrade from versions 2019 and 2018
      • Engagement v2019.3.1
        • Deploys 2019 Tax Grouping Update. Supports upgrade from versions 2018 and 2017
      • The 2018.4.1 update patch can be found on our updates page. 
        • CCH ProSystem fx Engagement 2018.4.1 Update Release Notes  Download file
        • The above is only for machines already on 2018
        • Only the full installer from Software Delivery Manager support upgrade from versions 2017 and 7.5
Please review the below article when updating to the version you are currently running.
  • For Engagement or Workpaper Manager version 2018.4.1 and older, all updates are compiled into a single most recent update that is located on the support site. 

The following video shows how to install the Tax Grouping Update Wizard for CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager.

    If you do not have the latest version of the Tax Grouping Update Wizard (TGUW) you will need to download it from the support website in one of two locations:

    You will need to register with the Support website to be able to download updates and utilities. To register with the website, refer to the article How do I create a user for My Account (the website).

    To install the Tax Grouping updates for the current year, simply locate the most recent update for your version, and you will see a "includes the 20XX Tax Grouping Update" appended at the end to indicate the update includes the most recent version of the Tax Groupings (where 20XX is the Tax year). 

    There are three download options available for the updates:

    • Update (EXE): This update is the standard update that should be chose by default.
    • Silent Update (EXE): This update does not show any installation windows, and is typically used for installing on multiple machines using some form of script created by the administrator.
    • Update (MSP): This update is used in conjunction with the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement.msi or CCH ProSystem fx Workpaper Manager.msi file in order to apply the update, and should not be ran by itself as it will cause installation issues for workstations.

    When prompted, save the update to your local hard drive and install it from there. If you need to run this update on multiple machines, you can save the update to a network drive, and run it on each machine from there. It's a good practice to save the update file to the CD Image shared folder on the Central File Room server, if it exists. 

      Warning! This update will need to be run on all installations to prevent any potential conflicts or errors from occurring. 
      1. Right-click on the update file, and select to Run as administrator.​​
      2. After the update extracts, click Update to start the installation.
      3. Verify that the InstallShield Wizard Completed window states "The InstallShield Wizard has successfully been installed on your computer" and click Finish.

      Note:  For further information on using the Tax Grouping Update Wizard, refer to the article how to run the Tax Grouping Update Wizard.

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