CCH Axcess™ Practice

  1. How do I delete WIP?
  2. How do I enter CPA/CPE course credit for my staff members in CCH Axcess Practice?
  3. How do I insert my company logo into our invoice header in CCH Axcess Practice?
  4. What is the Lock Reconciliation date in CCH Axcess Practice?
  5. How do I print address labels in CCH Axcess?
  6. How do I generate invoices in CCH Axcess Practice?
  7. How do I turn a posted invoice back into unbilled WIP in CCH Axcess Practice?
  8. How do I reprint invoices in CCH Axcess Practice
  9. Some of the client's addresses are not showing when I create labels in CCH Axcess?
  10. How do I create a custom header and/or footer for my Invoices and/or Statements in CCH Axcess Practice?
  11. How do I revert an invoice edited with Microsoft® Word or Adobe® Acrobat® using the advanced editing mode back to the original invoice using CCH Axcess™ Practice?
  12. Where can I view CCH Axcess Master Agreement
  13. ΞHow do I recalculate unbilled WIP and released time transactions using new bill rates I have added in CCH Axcess®Practice?
  14. How do I correct my Accounts Receivable transaction in CCH Axcess™ Practice?
  15. How do I run the year-end procedures for CCH Axcess™ Practice?
  16. Billing and Accounts Receivable windows are blank in CCH Axcess™ Practice
  17. How do I create a custom Invoice template in CCH® Axcess™ Practice?
  18. How do I clear a credit amount that is left over from a refunded overpayment in CCH Axcess™ Practice?
  19. What reports should I run in CCH Axcess™Practice to determine what WIP I should bill?
  20. What is the best way to apply progress amounts to outstanding WIP In CCH Axcess™Practice?