CCH Axcess™ Tax Electronic Filing

  1. e-file Status: “EFIN Mismatch with VCN on File” has missing or incomplete EFIN information.[New]
  2. e-file Status: “EFIN Mismatch with VCN on File” when the VCN within the return does not match what is on record for this EFIN.[New]
  3. How do I e-file a Alabama standalone return that is part of a consolidated group in an 1120 return?[New]
  4. Does the "e-file returns due to expire - 10 day rule" option in the open return window of CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax allow users to release returns to Electronic Filing?[New]
  5. How do I set-up electronic filing notifications for CCH Axcess™?[New]
  6. How do I electronically file a stand alone state return within a federal Consolidated 1120 return?[New]
  7. How do I attach a PDF document to an electronically filed return?[New]
  8. How do I manage Electronic Filing Identification Numbers (EFINs) for my firm in the Electronic Filing Status System®?[New]
  9. Delay in Email Notifications for Returns and Extensions E-filed Through ProSystem fx Tax and CCH Axcess Tax
  10. "Upload Error" when electronic filing a return in CCH Axcess™ Tax.
  11. eFile Rejection: R0170 - "The primary ID was either invalid, or could not be verified at this..." in a 1040 return using worksheet view.
  12. e-File Alert: R0000-224 - "'TotalPriorYearIncomeAmt' in 'FilingSecurityInformation' in the Return Header must have a value" in a 1041, 1065, 1120, or 1120S return.
  13. Schema Validation Error: "The element 'IRS1116' in namespace '' has invalid child element 'ForeignTaxCrCarrybackOrOverAmt'"... in a 1041 return using worksheet view.
  14. How do I find the Forms Release Status for CCH Axcess™ Tax and CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?