e-file Diagnostics and Rejections

  1. e-File Rejections: FPYMT-072-01, FPYMT-027-02, FPYMT-029-02, and FPYMT-050-01 for Massachusetts and Maine returns?[New]
  2. e-File Rejection: 'NCBUS-1000 - The EIN has been filed through MeF for tax year 2014 for an earlier CD405 submission' in a North Carolina Corporation return?[New]
  3. e-File Rejections - Wisconsin S Corporations: Schema rejects - versions 2015.02070 to 2015.03000[New]
  4. e-File Rejection: Blank electronic file rejections for Minnesota Partnership and S Corporation return?[New]
  5. Diagnostic: 48751 - "Kentucky Electronic Filing. Schedule RC, Page 2, Part VI - Amount of Credit Claimed, only allows 10 years of credit carryforward." in a Partnership return?
  6. e-file Rejection: R0000-902 - Taxpayer TIN in the Return Header must not be the same as a TIN of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period indicated in the tax return.
  7. e-File Rejection: R0000-905-01 - "Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) in the Return Header must be listed in the e-File database and in accepted status"
  8. Diagnostic: 47226 - "Electronic Filing. Return Disqualified. Form 1065, page 1, line 6, contains an amount, but Form 4684 or Form 4797 is not present in the return" in a Partnership return using worksheet view.
  9. Diagnostic: 42594 – “This parent or Subsidiary return has not been calculated within the consolidated group” in a Consolidated return using worksheet view.
  10. Diagnostic: 49365 - “The required PDF attachment for Form 8453 Signature Document has not been requested” in a Partnership return using worksheet view.