2-Step Verification (Multi-Factor Authentication) Starts Soon!
Take Action Now to Ensure Staff Profile Accuracy, Continued Access to CCH Axcess, and CCH ProSystem fx Tax.

On the 2019-5.0 release the 2-Step verification process is going to changing for CCH Axcess™ and CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax online logins. Here is an overview of these changes with some article links that can provide some more details.

  • The email address option will be removed from the 2-Step verification process and you will be required to complete 2-step verification

On the 2019-5.0 or 2019.05000 release when a user logs in to Axcess or ProSystem fx Web Application they will be prompted to complete 2-step verification by either email, text or phone. After the 2-step verification is completed then all users will be prompted to enter a phone number. After a phone number is entered 2-Step verification will only have the options for text and phone message.

For further information please see Upcoming 2-Step verification changes for November